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The Kooday unofficial blog has finally come back with a couple of new posts. This is the first of them.

Kooday’s Ramping-Up and We Can Help!

Ok folks — Kooday is ramping up and ready to roll – and – right now every Koodayer has the ability to increase the Keyword Percentage they are seeing in their back-office.

By each Koodayer sending their own Keyword Percentage soaring they are simultaneously giving Kooday the data it needs to speed it through to officially launching its Search Engine.

What am I talking about?

It’s pretty simple. Kooday’s rate of profit growth and therefore its ability to profit-share is directly tied to how quickly it is able to get its search features live i.e. how quickly Kooday launches as a “Search Engine”.

In order to speed Koodayers to the kinds of profits everyone wants which include Snap-Shot bonus – Popular Keyword Bonus as well as ever increasing Kooday Gold-Share profits – Kooday has to perfect each feature as it is introduced. The faster they are able to obtain the necessary data for “tweeking” purposes – the faster the profits will flow to Koodayers.

There is no need for us to have to understand all of the technical details entailed. All we really need to do to help our own success is to give Kooday what it needs when it asks so that we can all reach the desired goal of Search Engine profits asap.

Within the last week Kooday has initiated 2 major features. “Keyword Percentage” has been activated in our back offices and of course Instant Page Ranker is up and running. In response to these features – there has been concern from many Koodayers because of low Keyword Percentages that seem to make no sense. Instant Page Ranker also offers keywords that have caused confusion since they are so generic in nature.

The question – “Is this the final product?” has been asked by many. The answer is – absolutely not! – this is merely the introduction of a new feature and that is all at this point. These features/systems have been “turned on” so that they can be used/tested by Koodayers and ultimately perfected then officially launched by Kooday.

The Keyword Percentage” seen in our back-offices merely reflects a “starting percentage”. The IPR on the other hand is “really functioning” but not as it will when tied into all of Kooday’s up and coming Search Features.

How Can We Speed Up Kooday’s (therefore our own) Success?

In your back office — right now – each Koodayer is seeing masses of keywords that have “Not Found” beside them. This is not because of an error – it is simply because the “Keyword Percentage” feature has just been turned on and the relevant data has just started to be “digested” by K-Crawlers. In order to send your very low percentages soaring right away – simply do the following and you will be helping your own Keyword Percentage as well as satisfying Kooday’s need for data.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:

  • Take one of your KeyWords or Phrases that has “Not Found” beside it and find it on a real website page on the internet. This could be your own webpage or just a random webpage if you do not have a website.


  • Take the URL of the page and copy and paste it into our Instant Page Ranker (IPR). If Instant Page Ranker finds your KeyWord or Phrase (i.e. if you see a list of Keywords listed) then submit the URL for free.
  • Leave all the Keywords that come up checked – you want to include any words that IPR finds i.e. do not unselect the other KeyWords – go ahead and submit them along with your own Keyword.
  • The next day when you look in your back-office you should see that your KeyWord or Phrase will be indicated as found and your percentage has become higher.

The more of your Keywords that you do this with – the higher your Keyword Percentage and the faster Kooday will receive the data it needs to check and do any necessary tweeking before launching it’s Search Features.

While Koodayers do not have to follow these steps since eventually the K-Crawlers will cover all Keywords and Phrases – doing so will speed up the processes hugely. Kooday needs data to perfect it’s systems and Koodayers want increased profits – this is a great opportunity for all of us to help each other – not to mention getting your websites added for free.

Kooday is heartbeats away from the Search Engine profits — and that means Profit-Share – Snap-Shot Bonus payouts and much more to come . It’s what we’re all working for – let’s hit the ground running – Search Engine profits are just around the corner!!


Most people already had this information through the News on the Kooday site. This puts a few things into perspective though.

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