Kooday News from someone that knows Brian

I received this information in an email from someone recently that I thought you would be interested in. It seems to confirm what a lot of people thought. I cannot confirm the legitimacy of the below but it certainly fits.


I personally know Brian Lindback (head scam artist and owner of kooday)
He has been scamming his whole life, friends family etc
Brian has also been posing as Mark Huhtala
Funny story, Brians real name is Brian Huhtala @ birth (Lindback is his adopted name) , and Brian has a son named Mark
Do the 411 on L Lindback in Sudbury, Ontario
Not hard to find, he lives in a little shack on Dupont st
maybe the CRA would be interested in his “skull duggery”
He does deserve to brought to justice


if it makes you feel any better, he just got out of the Hospital with 2 or 3 broken
ribs from a “Bike Accident”

Also the last bit seems to fit with the update that was temporarily on the website about an owner being in hospital.


I really wish I had better news but the only good news I have is from other sites. Time to move on I think.

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5 Responses to Kooday News from someone that knows Brian

  1. Mr. Swole says:

    It’s a shame that a person has to resort to scams to make money, instead of using his mind to provide something of substance to the general public to earn a living.

  2. :/ says:

    Next time when you make a tumble, break your neck instead!

  3. fantasia says:

    Thanks for the update David and writer, I did research, Sudbury dupon street is local residential are google it out! There is tons of network cons artist live there and they operate both usa and Toronto. They hack online orders, get quick rich schmes. Those crooks are scamming online small marchent with fraud orders, now Kooday biggest scamm handsome money they make from investor and kooday member, They use false corporation, Like I said They are biggest networking professiona, accountant,investor,offshore, webdesigner, webhost, they’re all work together to put kooday on, guees what tHey ‘re biggest con artist hard to bit! End Member are left out specially international member in dark . It’s a organised crime online!!

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